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Glenndale Days 2018
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Airport Information and Event Conduct

Glenndale Airport is a grass strip airport, with a runway running north (36) to south (18). The runway is 2000' between displaced thresholds, and about 2500' in total length. Click here for our airport listing in AirNav, or click here for our listing in the AOPA Airport Directory (AOPA members only).

Both 100LL aviation fuel and 87 octane alcohol-free automotive fuel are available on the field for purchase.

Please observe right traffic when taking off from or landing on 18, and left traffic when taking off from or landing on 36. There are a number of residences abeam the runway, on the east side of the airport. Following these patterns ensures that they will be disturbed as little as possible during this very busy time.

Our runway is a bit bumpy. Therefore, we suggest that you use a combination of short and soft field procedures while operating at our airport.

Please do not engage in any aerobatics, hot dogging or showing off during the event. Glenndale Days is not an airshow and aerobatic demonstrations of any kind are not authorized.

Arrival Information

Air traffic during the hours of 10A-5P will be very intense due to airplane rides being given. We recommend planning to arrive outside of these times if at all possible. NORDO aircraft are especially encouraged to arrive outside these times.

As soon as possible, check the prevailing winds and altimeter setting with the Kokomo AWOS (113.500MHz VORTAC, OKK) and proceed to monitor Glenndale UNICOM on 122.900MHz. In direct crosswind or no wind situations, expect to land on 18.

At least five miles out from 8I3, announce yourself as you normally would at an uncontrolled airport. If the Air Boss is on duty, he will reply with sequencing, pattern entry and landing instructions. Please "keep your head on a swivel" at all times, as the airspace is very busy during the event, even outside the ride times.

When landing 18, we suggest crossing the power lines at 1000' MSL or higher, then making for the threshold marker. Verify your altimeter setting with Kokomo AWOS or the Air Boss!

Once you have landed, a "Follow Me" vehicle will come out and guide you to your space in the aircraft parking area. If you need fuel, let an event staffer know, and they will call the fuel truck over.

Departure Information

To minimize traffic conflicts, we suggest planning your departure after 6PM if possible.

If you leave before 6PM, let a staffer in the parking area know. After engine start, contact the Air Boss on 122.900MHz for taxi and take-off instructions. Generally, we can get you out right away. However, our ride aircraft tend to depart and arrive in waves. If you're departing during these waves, you may need to wait 5-10 minutes before take-off.

In direct crosswind or no wind situations, expect to take off on 18.

Kokomo Airport (OKK)

If you are not comfortable approaching or departing our field, or it is beyond the capabilities of your aircraft, we suggest using nearby Kokomo Airport (OKK, AirNav listing). Kokomo offers Avis rental vehicles, has 100LL and Jet-A fuel, 5200x150 and 4000x150 asphalt runways. It also has ILS, GPS and VOR approaches for IFR pilots. Kokomo Airport's FBO is operated by the City of Kokomo, and the the FBO web site can be accessed by clicking here.

If you do land at Kokomo and need transportation to Glenndale, just let us know. Either call us at 765-319-3295, or contact Glenndale UNICOM on 122.900MHz before arriving at Kokomo. We'll send an airplane or car over to pick you up, and we'll take you back when you're ready to leave.

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