BBQ Bash 2005 Photos 1!
(If you have Broadband (original photos are huge), for a closer view, click on the picture!)


Let the Festivities Begin!



Friday Night's Pizza Party enjoyed live music from Tom Turley...


And his son, "The King"!



Some of "the crew" listening...



The beautiful biplane that Mitch Rockwell made to auction off.  Congratulations Ken!



The T-6 loads up for the first time!



The DJ, Bill Miller, with a 'birds-eye' view of what's happening, keeping us in tunes!



The kids playground area...



Air Boss Les Willis and his son



Helping keep things flowing smoothly!



Air Boss and the T-6 loading up again...all weekend long in fact!



It was kind of chilly Saturday, so hanging out inside wasn't such a bad plan...



Some of the crew just hanging out.



Air Boss Ernie Chiles



Air Boss taking in the view, too!



Ready to go on rides.


Kaylee and Maggie in the Golf Cart



The Bi-planes...



The campers...



The Classics!


The light twins...



LifeLine helicopter stopped in to say hello too!



Ah, can't forget the Stearman!


A visiting T-6!



Watching the line-up of planes on Final!



The Chipmonk



Still watching the incoming planes...



Discussing matters of National Security...or something.  :)


The T-6 coming in for a landing.



Planes and rides everywhere!



The Ramp Dudes help get someone out for takeoff



A line-up of aircraft waiting to take off with more behind and in front of these...



Just enjoying the view...


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