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Glenndale Flight Training Center

Whether you are interested in becoming a pilot, are a current pilot looking to add a rating, or looking to join a club with close to a dozen available aircraft, we can help. Our Flight Training Centers of Glenndale (8I3), Kokomo (KOKK), Sheridan (5I4) and Westfield (I72) Airports offers everything from Private, Instrument, Commercial, Flight Instructor and Instrument Instructor certificates and ratings to Tailwheel, High Performance and Complex Endorsements. Learn to fly a Cub out of a 2500' grass strip, or learn to shoot WAAS GPS instrument approaches out of a 5200' strip in a retract. Whatever you are looking for, odds are we've got it!

Congratulations! (last updated:12/14/2014)
Congratulations to Rick Jones on completing his Tailwheel Endorsement in the Champ at Westfield on 12/14/14! CFI: Bill Mikulski Congratulations to Andy Warner on his FIRST SOLO on 12/4/14 in the Champ at Westfield, in the snow! CFI: Ty Lingo
Congratulations to Mike Jezierski on completing his Tailwheel Endorsement on 11/9/14 in the Champ at Westfield! CFI: Bill Mikulski Congratulations to Zach Crouse on his FIRST SOLO, 10/24/14 at OKK; CFI: Laura Stants
Congratulations to Rob Blue on his FIRST SOLO on 10/23/14 at Glenndale Airport! CFI: Laura Stants Congratulations to Eric Flora on becoming a Private Pilot 9/16/14! CFI: Laura Stants
Congratulations to Steve Rodgers on his FIRST SOLO, 8/29/14 at 5I4! CFIs: Nick Boland and Walter Ney Congratulations to Justin Harkcom on his Tailwheel Endorsement on 8/29/14 in the J-3 Cub! CFI: Laura Stants

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Instant Gift Certificates!12/10/2012

Get an instant gift certificate for flying, instruction, discovery flights or pilot supplies!  

We now have fully automated gift certificates. Just click on this link: https://paymybill.kokomopilotsclub.org/FTC/PurchaseCertificate

It lets you enter whatever amount you want, digitally issues the certificate right then and there and sends you an email so you can print it out! How easy is that?

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Give the gift of flight! Our Discovery Flights last approximately 20 minutes. You can either "fly" the airplane with the help of one of our Certified Flight Instructors, or you can just sit and enjoy the ride!

A Discovery Flight cost only $75!

To purchase your Discovery Flight, visit https://paymybill.kokomopilotsclub.org/FTC/PurchaseCertificate!

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